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Side Hustles Are Stupid

October 16, 20231 min read

 I'm going to tell you something really important. It totally goes against the grain of all the gurus, bloggers, experts, and everything that everybody's telling you. And you read it here—here it is. If you're an entrepreneur, side hustles are stupid. There, I said, it's side hustles are stupid. Now look, if you're, like if you have a job, if you're on a salary, if you have a fixed income, then side hustles are brilliant.

Side Hustles allow you to do what you love. They allow you to earn more money. They allow you to get ready for when you're a real entrepreneur. Side hustles make a ton of sense, but if you're an entrepreneur right now—if you're building a business, side hustles are stupid.

Why? Because they not free. They cost you something. They cost you your time and they cost you your money. That myth of passive income—forget about it. It's just not true. It's a myth. So if you're building a business right now, give it everything it deserves. Give it all your energy. Give it all your attention.

Give it your consistency. That's what's going to make that thing grow. So for you, entrepreneur, side hustles are terrible. They're a bad idea. Put all of your focus, all of your attention. All of your energy into your primary business and make that thing fulfill your dreams as an entrepreneur side hustles are stupid.

Paul Lemberg

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